Sunday, 21 March 2010

Orla Keily

Currently doing a group project on Orla Keily so went to their flagship store in London and met up with some friends yesterday.Had a really lovely day,although the weather was bit suck!

Really love their interior design in the store but it was such a shame that I wasn't allow to take some photos inside.

A very nice surprise from my good friend :) I wanted this teddy bear from Selfridge yesterday (I know!very childish of me!heehee) so my friend got it for me while I was having a drink with another friend :)

My very heavy bag for the day!

Night view of Rochester from the train window.

Now I am off to do some research and some reading for Uni but before that I have to relax for a little bit by watching a DVD :D


  1. Love the teddy, so cute.

    Good luck with the blog


  2. im not kidding you, i had the "Peter Rabbit" toy when i was small :D ahhh i wonder where it went :(