Thursday, 10 June 2010

Graduate Fashion Week Gala Award Winners 2010

(Photo from )

Designs by Thomas Crisp, winner of the Menswear Award; Rebecca Thomson, winner of the River Island Gold Prize; and Ledina Zhang, winner of the BHM Visionary Knitwear Award at Graduate Fashion Week

Such a shame we didn't make it this year but I totally understand why because the winner's collection are totally amazing, especially Rebecca Thomson's; loving the giant bow and the shape of the shirt ♥
Well done to all of the award winners,I am sure your unversity is really prond of you :)

And here are more photos of my unversity's student's collections :) Althought we couldn't keep our gold winner title from last years,I still think all of you done a great job,lets try again next year :D

Emma Box

Anchalee Sae Lee

Left: Anastasia Verzoviti, Centre & Right: Lydia Vouvouni

Left & Right: Carla Grima, Centre: Alexa Papavasileiou
(Photos from Arts Thread Blog,also you can read the review there)

Also tomorrow I will off to "UCA Rochester Fashion Promotion Live Exhibition at Free Range" also the after party :) really looking forward to it,hopefully will meet some interesting people :D


Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Photos Time (UCA Rochester GFW)


(Models chilling before going on stage; Sera & Ashley B )

( Fittings; Erik & O'shea)

(Models in line,before going on stage)

(Emma Box)

(Left;Chelsea Bravo, Right: Victoria Jolly)

(Cherelle Raid)

I apologize for the not very good quialty photos but that the best I could found on the internet so far :( but hopefully I can find better ones soon :)


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Review & Sneak A Peek.....

(Photo from Style Insider )

Yesterday I was working backstage from my university GFW show:)
 We started off with checking the garments to see if it need pressing or not,when the models arrive we then move to to fittings, afterward of course is the actually show! everything was running really smooth until the last outfit!it was a jumpsuit without any zip so it was really hard to identitfy the back and front,we end up had to put it on him for like three times until we got it right,I was have a panic attack already and on top of that the woman was dealing with the line just had to come and had a go at me " you should have figure this out earlier" but what she didnt understand was" ITS REALLY HARD TO PUT IT ON WITHOUT ANY ZIP!!!" Thanks god we finally had it on him but he had to be in line already,with no time to fix it at all...etc Lucky for me,when I looked around I saw him was still standing there with just 5seconds to spare before just he go on stage,I ran up to fix the outfit really quicky with people around me telling me not to panic but how can I not panic,I never been this panic in my life before but I am just glad we made it at the end!!!

But over all the whole day was just AMAZING!and I am not gonna lie,my model he was so lovely :D I am trying to find pictures of the show (couldn't take any because I was backstage) so just have a sneak a peek of some of the clothes and models for now :)


Monday, 7 June 2010

UCA Graduate Fashion Show

So in couple hours I am gonna off to our university graduate fashion show as a dresser, it gonna be a mad and busy day but I am really looking forward to it because I got a male model,hahaha :P and it will be a great experience too :D will update again when I am back :D
Have a lovely monday!


Sunday, 6 June 2010

Style Bubble At UCA Rochester

Couple weeks ago we were honored to have Susan Lau from Style Bubble to come in to our uni (UCA Rochester) and give us a talk about her blog.It was such a great experience for me as a student as well as a blogger, and also at that time I was working on an article on "How blogging has become such a big thing in the fashion industry", it helped me a lot with it and got a lot of useful facts/information,so of course at the end I got quite a good grade for it :D

I am sure everyone know she is a  powerful fashion player,how amazing she is...etc but I really want to say "SHE REALLY IS AMAZING!!!" and I wish I did go and speak to her after the talk,I wish I did even more when I found out she can speak cantonese? on her blog today!damn it :( Can we go back to that day again,pretty please?:(


P.S I got an exciting week coming up,heehee :D

Saturday, 5 June 2010


(The models)

(Photos of the collection)

(Designer-Julio Doherty)

Last week today one of my best friends,Julio has his first very own fashion show,I known him for 4 years now and I have watched him grown up as a person as well as a designer,he desevre everything he got now,because he worked hard for them.

Unfortunately,I wasn't at the show to see the collection itself but I got to say I am very very very proud of him and the collection is amazing,love every single garments in it but if I have to pick my favorite,it have to be the last garment,which was model by his girlfriend, Jacqueline :). Lucky for me,he is selling them so I am trying to save up and buy it off him but personally I think he should give it to me for free as my 21st birthday present :P (Joke)

And you can watch the whole show HERE,I hope you guys will like the collection as much as I do :)


P.S he is a student who is currently in his 2nd year in menswear at London College Of Fashion and intern for Gareth Pugh.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Being A Model.

I promise I haven't gone crazy or changed my look or anything,guys!!! :D
I was modeling for 1st and 2nd years fashion design student fashion show today and I really loved the make-up,I felt like a geisha with my red lips.haha :D
This was a totally last minute thing.literally got asked in this morning!I was suppose to just model for just one outfit but at the end the tutor kept giving me clothes so I ended up with FIVE and I didnt have a dresser to help me! :( it was madness at the backstage,clothes were everywhere and because I was the only girl who has five outfits so when it get to the last two I had to get off stage ran to my next outfit,put them on and I was on stage again,got off stage then on stage again for the finale!!and the worst thing was,the last dress was really really really short,it just about to cover my bum and I had to kept pulling it down on the runway,thanks god I didnt fall over or anything!

Seriously being a model is not a easy job!but I had so much thing though :)

What do you think of the make-up?


Saturday, 22 May 2010

Rings Wishlist

My rings wishlist :D if anyone don't know what to get me from my 21st birthday (Which is like 3months away lol) buy me any of these rings I would be pretty happy or you can buy all of them fo me.hahaha


Friday, 21 May 2010

Betty Davis Has A lot Of Clothes

This morning I was struggling with getting up,my alarm went off like a million times before I can get out of bed,for a spilt second I thought to myself "I only have to pick up my essay and then I dont have lecture until 2pm,why don't I just stay in bed?" but I decided I will be a good girl today so I woke up,got ready,went back to uni and found out that the lecture was CANCELLED!!! stayed in until 2pm for the afternoon lecture but it was waste of time,watche a film that had nothing to do with our project!so today I basically wasted the whole in uni when I could have got a lot more work done at home.sigh!

But the good thing is.....seem like summer has finally arrived!The weather is getting hotter,I been wearing short for the last couple days,its too hot to wear jeans!

How was everyone's day?


Thursday, 20 May 2010

Just Me

I might look stupid in this photo ( I know I do.haha) but for some reason I really like this photo,maybe because of the lighting?I really don't know.


Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Me and my obession.

I alway been having an obession with necklaces and recently I got few other obessions (maybe you can tell by the photos already lol ) by yeah,my recent obessions are nail polishs,got a few favorite ones : Revlon Nude Pink, Rimmel London 60 secs (all of them,they dry real quick) and Barry M Mint Green and Pale Blue <3
Next obession is RINGS,bought a lot of rings in the last month,I think I bought about 10 lol,some of them are from Topshop,some of them are from Miss Selfridge,some of them are from H&M ( love the rings from H&M,they always have nice one)
And the last one is bracelets,some of them are from Holland (they are my favorite ones,because they were all handmade <3 ) and other ones are either handmade or from market or highstreet store :)

What is your obessions?


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I want them!

(image from Style Scrapbook)
(images from
Saw something pretty amazing stuff on the internet today :D First is thoes amazing FINSK wedged heels on Style Scrapbook,they are totally AWESOME!the shape of te heels is so different!I love them so much!I want to own them! (what were going through my head when I saw them) but stop there for a second,will I be able to walk in them if I buy,I mean look at the heels and I am not very good with heels!:( and and and I saw those rucksacks from Chanel Fall RTW 2010 collection,I die when I saw them.I always wanted to have a rucksack  (well,a very nice one) and the Chanel ones are just perfect!!!they are just so cute!!they remind me of my school bags when I was little.heehee :) wish I can afford them :(

What do you think?


Sunday, 16 May 2010

Out Of Boredom

I was bored with my work so I decided to try on this playsuit I found last night :D
Hope you all had a nice weekend