Friday, 21 May 2010

Betty Davis Has A lot Of Clothes

This morning I was struggling with getting up,my alarm went off like a million times before I can get out of bed,for a spilt second I thought to myself "I only have to pick up my essay and then I dont have lecture until 2pm,why don't I just stay in bed?" but I decided I will be a good girl today so I woke up,got ready,went back to uni and found out that the lecture was CANCELLED!!! stayed in until 2pm for the afternoon lecture but it was waste of time,watche a film that had nothing to do with our project!so today I basically wasted the whole in uni when I could have got a lot more work done at home.sigh!

But the good thing is.....seem like summer has finally arrived!The weather is getting hotter,I been wearing short for the last couple days,its too hot to wear jeans!

How was everyone's day?


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