Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Me and my obession.

I alway been having an obession with necklaces and recently I got few other obessions (maybe you can tell by the photos already lol ) by yeah,my recent obessions are nail polishs,got a few favorite ones : Revlon Nude Pink, Rimmel London 60 secs (all of them,they dry real quick) and Barry M Mint Green and Pale Blue <3
Next obession is RINGS,bought a lot of rings in the last month,I think I bought about 10 lol,some of them are from Topshop,some of them are from Miss Selfridge,some of them are from H&M ( love the rings from H&M,they always have nice one)
And the last one is bracelets,some of them are from Holland (they are my favorite ones,because they were all handmade <3 ) and other ones are either handmade or from market or highstreet store :)

What is your obessions?



  1. I'm totally jealous of your ring collection!
    I'm so obsessed with rings at the moment lol

  2. wow youve got SO many cool things! my obsessions? Shoes. And dresses. I have too many :)

  3. many cool things, you're so beautiful, are you model ?

    go to my blog and follow me please?

  4. wow! Amazing!
    I adore bags!!!
    Lip gloss
    Costume jewellery =)