Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Being A Model.

I promise I haven't gone crazy or changed my look or anything,guys!!! :D
I was modeling for 1st and 2nd years fashion design student fashion show today and I really loved the make-up,I felt like a geisha with my red lips.haha :D
This was a totally last minute thing.literally got asked in this morning!I was suppose to just model for just one outfit but at the end the tutor kept giving me clothes so I ended up with FIVE and I didnt have a dresser to help me! :( it was madness at the backstage,clothes were everywhere and because I was the only girl who has five outfits so when it get to the last two I had to get off stage ran to my next outfit,put them on and I was on stage again,got off stage then on stage again for the finale!!and the worst thing was,the last dress was really really really short,it just about to cover my bum and I had to kept pulling it down on the runway,thanks god I didnt fall over or anything!

Seriously being a model is not a easy job!but I had so much thing though :)

What do you think of the make-up?


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  1. Oh you're really beautiful, i love this make up too!
    my dream be model!
    i need try and you too

    ahaha , www.hellonathaliaalves.blogspot.com