Saturday, 5 June 2010


(The models)

(Photos of the collection)

(Designer-Julio Doherty)

Last week today one of my best friends,Julio has his first very own fashion show,I known him for 4 years now and I have watched him grown up as a person as well as a designer,he desevre everything he got now,because he worked hard for them.

Unfortunately,I wasn't at the show to see the collection itself but I got to say I am very very very proud of him and the collection is amazing,love every single garments in it but if I have to pick my favorite,it have to be the last garment,which was model by his girlfriend, Jacqueline :). Lucky for me,he is selling them so I am trying to save up and buy it off him but personally I think he should give it to me for free as my 21st birthday present :P (Joke)

And you can watch the whole show HERE,I hope you guys will like the collection as much as I do :)


P.S he is a student who is currently in his 2nd year in menswear at London College Of Fashion and intern for Gareth Pugh.

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