Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Review & Sneak A Peek.....

(Photo from Style Insider )

Yesterday I was working backstage from my university GFW show:)
 We started off with checking the garments to see if it need pressing or not,when the models arrive we then move to to fittings, afterward of course is the actually show! everything was running really smooth until the last outfit!it was a jumpsuit without any zip so it was really hard to identitfy the back and front,we end up had to put it on him for like three times until we got it right,I was have a panic attack already and on top of that the woman was dealing with the line just had to come and had a go at me " you should have figure this out earlier" but what she didnt understand was" ITS REALLY HARD TO PUT IT ON WITHOUT ANY ZIP!!!" Thanks god we finally had it on him but he had to be in line already,with no time to fix it at all...etc Lucky for me,when I looked around I saw him was still standing there with just 5seconds to spare before just he go on stage,I ran up to fix the outfit really quicky with people around me telling me not to panic but how can I not panic,I never been this panic in my life before but I am just glad we made it at the end!!!

But over all the whole day was just AMAZING!and I am not gonna lie,my model he was so lovely :D I am trying to find pictures of the show (couldn't take any because I was backstage) so just have a sneak a peek of some of the clothes and models for now :)


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