Sunday, 6 June 2010

Style Bubble At UCA Rochester

Couple weeks ago we were honored to have Susan Lau from Style Bubble to come in to our uni (UCA Rochester) and give us a talk about her blog.It was such a great experience for me as a student as well as a blogger, and also at that time I was working on an article on "How blogging has become such a big thing in the fashion industry", it helped me a lot with it and got a lot of useful facts/information,so of course at the end I got quite a good grade for it :D

I am sure everyone know she is a  powerful fashion player,how amazing she is...etc but I really want to say "SHE REALLY IS AMAZING!!!" and I wish I did go and speak to her after the talk,I wish I did even more when I found out she can speak cantonese? on her blog today!damn it :( Can we go back to that day again,pretty please?:(


P.S I got an exciting week coming up,heehee :D

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